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Fun fun fun

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Hey all i've arrived in Athens and I am currently seeking accomodation, it looks like it's going to be more expensive than I anticipated but oh well, i don't have much choice, hopefully I can find a place that has a bed available. Ok going now to find a place, love you all.

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The End

Bangkok again

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Hey all i'm back in bangkok after another 12hour trian ride, i hardly got any sleep because I didn't fully trust my new alarm clock to wake me up before my stop. I'm having an ok birthday, I can't type much now as i'm going to meet Claire for lunch/breakfast now.
Love you all, (I fly for Greece tomorrow yay! SCARY)

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Koh Phangan

Beautiful beaches

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Hi all, apologies for the lull and lack of info recently, I went to meet claire and liz at the pier the other day and we decided since none of us wanted to party we'd head for a quieter part of the island, the beautiful north east.
We had an adventurous ride up there through jungle covered hills with lots of steep dirt roads, at one stage our driver stopped to car to get a plant from the national park we were driving through, and he didn't put the brake on properly so we started inching our way forward, but it was all ok in the end, just a little nerve-wracking. The palce we were going to didn't have hot water for the price we'd been given and claire and liz really wanted hot water, so we had a saunter down hte beach and looked at a few places and eventually found this awesome place, 500B a night lovely interior and hot water anyway we had a good couple of days and have pretty much sorted our trip back to bangkok.
Sawasdee, Mike

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Koh Phangan

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Hey all, i was at the beach and decided it might be ok for skimboarding so eventually after lazing about i went to go and look to either buy or make one, well to cut a loooong story short, i found a boatbuilder named paul who works with plywood and fiberglass and will see about making one today a 2pm. missing you guys,

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Koh Phangan


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Ok so I arrived in Koh Phangan yesterday afternoon and spent about three hours walking around with my backpack ect. trying to find accomadation for myself and 8 girls, the four girls who were on my tour went on to Koh Samui to pick up their 4 friends then they are coming back to Koh Phangan, in the end i gave up and fopund some really ratty place that i'll stay in until they get here, and in the mean time I'll keep my eyes and ears open for good+cheap places to stay.

It's actually kinda nice here a bity of a mix f the other two Islands, not as scummy as Koh Samui and not as quite as Koh Tao.

It's weird with a bit more infastucture and singae this place would be soooo much better.

Ok more photos coming soon (I forgot to bring my CD with me to the internet)

BTW there are still board shorts and towels and stuff at my place that people have left behind, if you don't pick it up sue might go crazy and cut it into little pieces and then feed it to you. (she might not aswell but i'd stay on her good side if i were you)

Take Care all

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