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Day 3


sunny 30 °C

Hi everybody, still having a good time, (except for the headache) but that is gone now, it's pretty neat at the moment i'm spending under 20B a meal which is less than 1NZ$ crazy ay, last night I went to a japanese restaurant which was way to expensive for what i got, but it was late and everywhere else was closed. I also help a guy from Mongolia find where he had to go, which was quite funny seeing as i'd been here all of 3 days. anyway i'm gonna get a drink to wash down breakfast (which was rice with some sort of short cucumber, some other sweet/tangy vegetable and a bit of egg.)
Hahaha nothing has out spice me yet, but i did have some pastry balls which were pretty gross yesterday.

Adios Ameegos

PS the weather is really humid here and we had rain the day before yesterday, but none yesterday as far as I could tell.
(tami your friends are probably in the north, i've heard there is quite heavy flooding in Chang Mai (Maybe they will change our trip to suit that? as Chang mai is our first stop after bangkok)
Apparently the local aren't too phased about it and just start rolling up their trousers and turning the pumps on.

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Day two

me feet hurt

sunny 27 °C

Hey everybody, day two is going wel, i caught the sky train across town, more in to the centre of the action, so far i haven't hit any REALLY touristy spots which is nice.

I caught a Tuk-Tuk around the city aswell, the driverpointed out that the area i was planning to shop in only opened at 10:30 so he said he'd take me somewhere that was open for only 15 Bhat, he was a really nice guy, he took me past the soccer stadium where spain had recently played. Then he took me to a suit making shop, which i looked around a bit but didn't really want to, so we made a plan he wanted to take me to another shop and then to the shopping centres which would be open and if I spent ten minutes at this one shop he'd get a petrol voucher from them and he wouldn't charge me, so i had a look at a LOT of rings and neclaces and gems, apparently quite cheap but I wouldn't know, so after about 15-20 minutes we left and he took me to the mall for free so all in all it was quite a good experience.

But yeah i'm doing LOTS of walking so my feet hurt, there is lots to buy if you are looking for tacky tourist rubbish, I found one camping store which was interesting, it's so dumb all the 'sports stores'only sell soccer boots and clothes no actual sport equipment.

ok i'll probably post again tonight. see ya all

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1st Day in BK

all good

semi-overcast 28 °C

Yeah so my first day has gone well, caught the airport bus to my guesthouse, checked in, carried my stuff up like 5 flights of stairs, had someone else join my tonight (I was alone in the room before) I've had sum REALLY nice street vendor and small restarant food all very cheap. Ok i'll post again tomorrow (PS thank you Dave, Chris and Paul for the comments)

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First Flight

High Expectations

semi-overcast 26 °C

So I flew out of auckland today for KL I didn't enjoy the flight as much as I did last time, prob because this time i was alone and also had high expectations of Air Malaysia which they didn't fully meet, but oh well. Life goes on.

hopefully the next fligth will be sweet aswell

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nerves to the max

overcast 16 °C

So I went to pick up my tickets yesterday, small problem the office chick who compiled it all cut out the wrong booking skip for my intrepid trip, but that was sorted in 15 minutes so it's all good now.

Ok i've gotta set up for my party and start packing today

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