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The Sight Seeing

rain 17 °C

Well I went sight seeing today (nice and sunny compared to yesterday where I spent most of the day trying to find accomodation and then sleeping) We only got off to a late start, one of the girls who was sharing my room wanted to see some of the same stuff, so we went together (booking tickets to Roma on the way there) First of all was breakfast, always very important. At about 11 we made our way to the Peggy Guegenhiem house, where she lived and collected art (modern) now it is a gallery open to the public, 5Euro for a student entry, Anyway i got to see Picasso's, Dali's, a room full of Jackson Pollocks and a lot of other Really good artist that I hadn't heard of. That was really cool, I didn't get a lot of the art there but I saw it and liked a LOT of what I saw.
After that she changed her plans so we spilt up, I headed to the Academia Galleria, which is full of renaisance and baroque art, I was feeling pretty ill after only a while in, so i did not spend all the time I could have appreciating the works, there was a fair bit by Titian and some others that I recently read about in my Aunt's 'history of art' this time I got set back 6.5 Euro. By the time I left I was feelign wretched, I think a fun combination of caffine withdrawl (hadn't had tea yet) and Dehyration (couldn't bear to finish the small bottle of sparkling mineral i got with my breakfast) So I tried to find a reasonably priced cafe so I had to walk a while so i was far from any big sites. Eventually i was able to purchase a pot of tea (which I got four cups from, mmmmmmm) now feeling considerably better but still not 100% I left for the Church of Santa Maria something something ( a franciscan church) I bought a ticket and an audio guide this time which set me back 4.10 Euro. Inside the church are two HUGE paintings by Titian a Tryptich? by Bellini and Donatello's St John, Also there is the tomb of Titian, which is very impressive and the tomb of Carlo?? i think which he'd orinally designed for Titian's tomb but was never carried out, so this Carlo's students amde it for him, across from titians and is also very impressive.

I've heard from some kiwis over here that the railways are striking on monday and sunday so I'm not sure i'l either only stay over-night in Rome and get a traint o florence on saturday or stay till tuesday or get a bus, hopefully it's just the vencice rome route but I doubt that. Anyway it'll work out somehow.

I must say I was really impressed by Donatello's St John, It is a painted wood and shows John Really realistically, he looks like he's been eating locusts and honey. anyway I gotta go there are some people waitng to use the free internet provided by my hotel.

Hope you are all well and my sickness goes away, i think i'm either getting a lashing of tonsilitis (would be for the second time on this trip) or the flu.

Live long and prosper.

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Photos and Ferries

Bring it on Italy

sunny 24 °C

Hey all you can acess my photos at http://www.travellerspoint.com/photos/gallery/users/MikeTrev/
I hope you like them, I'm on a ferry to Italy and i'm running out of credit on my internet card so Take care, will email from italy.

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Sorry for the wait

sunny 25 °C

Hey all, sorry i haven't posted in ages, I've been really busy and my aunt and uncles computer has been hit with no less than six trojan virusses so emailing has been a challenge, hope you all are well. I'm staying withmy aunt and uncle on corfu and I'm having a wonderful time. I've been to some really beautiful beaches (lost count now) Sadari one of the main tourist towns, the Island across the bay from Corfu town (the main town on the island) I've helped out a bit collecting walnuts and i'm generally having a good time,( devouring books)[so far i've read the da vinci code, some guts and glory flying story, coastliners, and i'm busy picking at 'the history of art' and a greek mythology book, I'm 2/3 of the way through angels and demons, so yeah i'm having a good time. My uncle Yanni left tonight for athens, he is going to do some work on their flat in athens inbetween tenants. ANyway take care all.

asta la vista; Mike

PS i'm gonna try up load some more photos

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Athens to Corfu

The pain oh the frustration

sunny 28 °C

Well I left Athens on the 18th with great difficulty, I had, through travellerspoint, found out that one of the best ways to get from Athens to Corfu was to take the metro to a certain train station, then cath the train to the coastal town of Patra and then catch the ferry to Corfu (overnight departing at midnight and arriving at 7am the next morning). So i tried this, I caught the metro only to be told that I had to catch a bus to the train station, what i wasn't expecting that! went outand could see the train staion across the road, went there, asked for a ticket to Patra, the ticket lady said "ask information" so i go to what i thought was information
(from her pointing and the sign) and ask again, no "ask information" what! I thought this was info, no I'm wrong, eventually I ask at the information desk, the guy starts writing in greek on this piece of scrap paper, I have almost no idea of what he is saying but pick up that I have to catch a bus to another train station and some vague direction. Well I manage to get the directions wrong, walk for ages realise I'm not in the right place, ask someone for help, "no go this way" ask someone else "no you must got to the train station". It's raining on me, I'm fed up, the roads are bumpy and wet so I'm carrying my bag on my back, the uncomfortable straps gnawing their way into my collar bones and shoulders. In short i'm pretty pissed off at everything by now, I must look like a madman, mumbling to myself, cursing and changing direction every two minutes. I eventually found a bus, that I thought that was the right one, no it's the right bus but the wrong direction, so now after riding the bus I'm hopelessly far from my destination and my starting point (in the meantime i had been back to the train station, and read the sign saying that the train route was changed on the 8/8/2005 and where I was supposed to go (and what bus I was supposed to take)) so after trying three different bus stops I find on that the bus I'm to catch will stop at, shortly after the bus arrives, I get on, ask if i'm going the right way, I still have no idea as the local english is so bad, I go up the front to ask the driver and lo anf behold it's the same guy as earlier who speaks almost no english but his friend assures me after a bit of unwanted laughing that they will get me to the right place for free, which they did. I do not wish that experience on anyone (maybe bush, but then he'd be likely to bomb greece so maybe not)
I found the station, booked my ticket, waited, ate and caught the train, then had trouble finding my seat and stowing my huge luggage. but it was a nice train ride and lots of lovely views, I mainly listened to my music for the 3.5 hour ride and arrived in Patra with 5 hours to spare, so found the ferry operator that issued tickets to corfu, bought one, and found the gate I was to board at, got some dinner and waited, I ended up boarding at about 10:30 when I saw a tour group board. Anyway, to cut a longer story shorter I had booked a place on the deck (unbeknownst to me), with plastic chairs and no-where to sleep unless you brought your own sleeping roll and sleeping bag, which I didn't assuming we'd have chairs, I complained that I wasn't informed, got moved inside to the 'air-type' seats and ended up sleeping on the floor anyway, I got up at six, listened to music, waited for the sunrise which didn't come or when it did was hidden. and got picked up from the ferry by my aunt and uncle.

So far Corfu has been great, We've been once to the olive groves to water some plants, been to Sadari, a tourist area to visit friends, went swimming through a cave fromed by the sea, went snorkeling at liapades beach, read a small book in less than 24 hours, started readingthe da vinci code, went out to a buffet dinner and greek dancing (no plate smashing yet) And lots of relaxing.

Ok hope you are all well, Mike

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Day two

rain 20 °C

Wassup, I went sight seeing today, my hotel is quite close to the Acropolis, so I bought a ticket to go and see it and all the building/sites surrounding it. It was great, awesome to see such old and magnificent buildings, just thinking about how they could have built those structures baffles me. I only wish that I could have seen it in it's original state and without the tourists. the weather was lousy and it began to rain (only lightly thankfully) while I at the rear of the parthenon. The statues and carvings in the acropolis museum were great, I forgot to turn the flash off on my camera and got a telling off from security, oh well. The Theatres at the base were very impressive and must have been wonderful to act on and to watch from. I would have really liked to have seen the Odeum from the inside but for some reason it was closed (apparently they have performances there, so it wasn't to protect it :s )
I also went to see the Temple of Olympian Zues and the Arch of Hadrian, the Temple is only really 16 pillars now but they are so huge and there were 104 of them, I tried to think of how they might have constructed it but couldn't come up with a plausible answer. I also went to go and see the national historical museum, with exibits dating from 1453 (fall of Constanstinople) to the 20th century, It was really good (got a bit repetitive though, but then histrory repeats itself doesn't it?) I laughed when I was looking in a cabinet of weapons and other military equipment and saw a pocket knife, a simple precursor to the swiss army knife in my backpack.
So far thens hasn't been bad, still just a city, but I like it way more than bangkok. The flea market I walked through was quite interesting lots of stalls selling army style clothing, bags, sleeping bags, hat everything, it's certainly weird seeing that trend throughout the world, i've seen it at Auckland uni, Thailand and now Greece. I thought to myself what historians in 100s of years might think if there was some natural disaster that preserved it all as is.
Anyway i've taken a whole roll of film today, it's currently being processed. I think when I get to my relatives in Corfu I will spend a LOT of time uploading photos (should their computer and connection allow it) otherwise you'll all have to wait eagerly
I will try and start getting to Corfu tomorrow, I have to catch a metro to the main station, then a train to the port and then a ferry that leaves at midnight to arrive at corfu the next morning. I don't feel like staying in athen much longer.
Ok I might post agin when I get my photos.

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